About Us

Two people, coming from different starting points, sharing a common wish. To give shape to what we have in our heads. We joined forces and admiration for wood to achieve our common goal.

Wood, a material which is alive!

Wood, a material which is alive, breathes, reacts with the surrounding and ages, like all things around us.

The passing of time leaves its marks on it, carving its story. Every piece of wood has its own character and behavior. To give it shape, you take risks, it hurts your hands, while you struggle to give it the form you have in mind.

You can’t force your self on it, just cooperate with it, until the desired balance is achieved.


All of our lights are handmade

It is now our choice, that all of our lights are handmade, in a time where manufactured production of disposable products flourishes. In this time, where man is distanced from nature, we choose to bring wood in our homes, our working places, the places we get together.

Personal and unique

We try to bring out and “lighten” its little “imperfections”, because in the end that’s what makes it special, personal and unique, like us humans, who, with time, grow their own “imperfections” which define them as unique entities.

We like wood!

We like how it looks, we like giving it shape and  experimenting with it.

We love light (Need to explain why?)

Combined? We adore it

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