Wooden Decorative products

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Wood is a material that combines comfort, beauty and quality, is friendly to the environment and recyclable. Its earthly colors, when starring in our home decoration, create a natural and harmonic environment. Every trees grain is unique, giving Wooden home décor items and by extension to our home a peculiarity nowhere else found.

What is important in decoration is choosing our homes style and coming up with the best ideas to integrate it into our space. As you can find out for your selves, there are many ways to include the wooden element to your surrounding. Feeling relaxed is very important and decoration can be of great help in this area.

In our collection you will find a series of Wooden home décor items, made out of different woods, such as bamboo, olive, walnut and elm and also a series of other veneers and solid woods that will give your Interior space a warm touch and revive its look.

We love simple design lines, with Geometric shapes, so the Wooden accessories we design are easy to match any decorative style, modern or Rustic. They are ideal for every day use, or even for seasonal use, if you prefer. Our wooden candle holders can make you feel relaxed after a hard day at work, while our Easter decoratives or our Christmas trees can decorate your home in a natural an simple manner.

Handmade Wooden home décor items demand much more less consumption of non recyclable energy sources, while using them doesn’t charge the environment, as, for example, plastic decoratives do. Within the context of this biophilic decoration, table Wooden accessories dominate modern decorative trends, giving our space a more natural and light feel.

After all, man is not “made” to be distanced from his natural environment, the woods. Using Natural wood we satisfy our need to be in touch with our natural environment.