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European Walnut belongs to the same family as the Greek Walnut and its colours range from dark brown to light brown. It does not show the purple hue that the American walnut does. European countries that produce walnuts are Greece, France and England, while the eastern and northern countries produce darker walnuts.

All handmade European Walnut Wood Lights have a lovely warm reddish-brown color, lighter in some places and darker in others. This walnut has a perfect texture and gives your space a natural warmth. Wood is a material that can easily be combined with different designs and give character to your space.

European Walnut Wooden Lights do not allow light to pass through, but only through the top and bottom of the wooden shade. They are ideal for illuminating specific areas of your home, giving emphasis and style exactly where you want it. If you want to complete your lighting you should combine walnut Pendant  lights with a Table, Desk or Floor  lamp.

For the lighting in your space to be functional, you should use more than one light source. As mentioned, combining ceiling lights with table and floor lamps makes your space brighter and more atmospheric. The light diffuses evenly throughout the space. Don’t underestimate the “power” of a table lamp, it can change the atmosphere in the entire room.

In our collection, in addition to European Walnut Wooden Lights, you will also find fixtures made in the same designs, made of different woods, so you can choose the one that you think suits both your space and your character. You can make combinations of different woods that satisfy your personal taste and express you.
We manufacture European Walnut Wooden Lights, in simple lines so that you can easily adapt them to the design of your home and give it a natural touch.

All of our European Walnut Wooden Lights, are Handmade and manufactured with respect and love for the environment, ready to warm up your space.