Our Workshop

Our workshop started as a musical instrument workshop in 2003. By now it has grown and has embraced the project of making handmade wooden lights and decorative objects. As peoples courses cross at some point in time, in the same way our workshop constitutes a crossroad of our ideas and wooden creations.



My first memories from wood go back to my childhood. I remember going with my father to a wood workshop when I was about 7 or 8 years old. When we left, the man who owned the workshop gave me some small pieces of wood that had a triangular shape. I still remember the smell of the pieces and the hours I spent forming different shapes putting them side by side.


I wasn’t very young when I decided to make my own musical instrument. I was about 29 years old and as a musician I felt the urge to make my first electric bass. The construction began with a piece of Walnut which had wonderful grain and a very nice and special smell. The jocosity lasted throughout the construction, as my “workshop” was… the balcony of my house.

The concept

The concept of designing and making handmade wooden lights is based on our desire to regain our familiarity with natural materials like wood and reinstate them in our lives and in the spaces we live, always maintaining our respect towards the environment. We believe that man, especially within the urban scenery has distanced himself from nature. Our goal , with each construction, is to make you feel the peace and tranquility these natural materials offer, when you use them in our home or the spaces you spend more time.


The Design

Designing our lights is perhaps the biggest challenge for us. It is at the same time a creative but also very demanding process, as we have to maintain a balance between what we have in our head and what is technically feasible. We prefer simple designs, focusing more on the patterns created by the wood grain. Our philosophy concerning this part is that everything should be kept simple and natural. Nature has its way of  differentiating its creations with small details and imperfections and that is exactly what we want to highlight, as we believe in the uniqueness of objects and people.

Wood, a material which is alive!

All our lights are designed by us and made exclusively out of natural wood. Our shades are made out of wood veneer, while our footholds are made out of solid wood. Making wooden shades is a decorative trend that has grown in the past few years throughout the world. In our country there are only few workshops that deal with such constructions, since it demands specific expertise.


Wood rewards you!

It’s a challenge for us to work with wood and try to give it shape and form. To tame it. Every wood has its own technical characteristics and process technique.

One thing is certain. Wood rewards you with the outcome and with its wonderful scent when it’s being cut, sanded or drilled.