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American walnut is a wood of great beauty and high aesthetics. It is a medium hard wood. Walnut has only small color variances when exposed to intense light.
American walnut is considered to be one of the toughest hardwoods of the USA and one of the most popular. It has a deep chocolate color and often has red or purple streaks.

Handmade Walnut Wooden Lights are characterized by the wonderful chocolate color with grain sometimes more intense and others more subtle. The simple design of walnut shades makes them match all spaces and they can easily be combined with every decorative style. The dark color of the wood makes them stand out and impress with first sight.

Decorating our home with wood is a timeless and beloved trend in our country. Its true that wood looks impressive, regardless of its genre. Even its small flaws, like knobs add to its charm. The basic characteristic of Walnut Wooden Lights is that they don’t let the light pass through them.

Walnut is a dense wood, so the light can’t pass through it’s grain, but only comes out of the top and bottom of the shade. We make Walnut Wooden Lamps that will make your space more lively with a touch of nature and an atmospheric glow. Pendant  walnut lamps are ideal for spotted lighting over the dinning table or your kitchens bench. You can definitely select them for your living room or your bedroom, but it’s essential that you complete the lighting of the room with a Table, Desk or Floor  lamp.

Wood, being a natural material, creates a natural warm atmosphere in our home or workplace. Walnut Wooden Lamps create a hospitable feel. After all using natural and organic materials for our home decoration, brings as closer to nature and has many benefits for our every day life and our state of mind.

We have many Walnut Wooden Lights in our collection. We make shades for Ceiling, floor and table lamps, so you can match them to your spaces design.