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Elm is a sought-after wood, with wonderful grain. It is a durable wood that has been used since ancient times to make wagons, planks and spoked wheels. In Europe since classical times it has been used in shipbuilding and along with oak, it is one of the two main types of hardwood. It grows in Asia, Europe and North America.

Our Handmade Elm Wood Lights have lovely watery tones and a warm brown color. Our Elm Wood shades are sure to warm up your space and your home décor. Wood is a natural material that adds texture and color to your home’s interiors without much effort.

We have Wooden Elm Table Lights that you can easily combine with your Ceiling lights, or even with your Floor  lamps. For a complete and functional lighting, it is essential to use Pendant  lights, combined with Desk  lights and floor lamps to add dimension to the rooms in your home. Lighting is one of the most important aspects of interior design. The the right lighting can completely change the atmosphere of a room and contribute significantly to your psychology.

Elm Wooden Lights don’t let light pass through the grain of the wood, only through the top and bottom of the shade. This property makes them ideal for your bedroom or living room, accentuating the area you place them, adding texture and color to your space.

You can make your decoration more natural with Elm Wooden Lights and create a calm and peaceful environment. It is important that the spaces in our home express us and radiate relaxation and intimacy, both for us and our guests.

Our Elm Wooden Lights are handmade, with respect for nature and the  environment. Each one is unique, just as you are.