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Ash is a wood widespread in America. Depending on its color, it is classified as white or brown ash. American ash has the same characteristics as the European one. At the edges it is light colored to white, while in the center it becomes more yellow or brownish yellow. The wood has a uniform texture with straight grain.

Ash Wooden Lights are characterized by the light-colored wonderful grain of the wood, which under the light of the bulb become more impressive. Ash is a wood that lets light pass through its grain, giving your space a bit of its naturalness and a warm and inviting atmosphere. Along with olive wood, bamboo and maple, it is one of our brightest woods for Pendant lights. For this reason it is an ideal wood to use in the main lighting, in all the rooms of your home.

We have Handmade Ash Wooden Lights available for you to see Online that will serve your every need. They are designed with detail, in simple lines to suit all decorating styles. If you want to give your home a more natural design, our wooden ceiling shades combined with our table and floor lamps will impress you.

They will create a calm and serene environment in your space, making it more inviting and warm. The striking orange-red light that comes through the Ash Wooden Lamps will create the feeling of being in front of a sunset.

As a light wood, ash loves light tones such as white and beige for a more minimal and Boho décor, but it will easily match darker colors too.
To create a uniform and even lighting in your home with Ash Wood Lamps, you should combine your Ceiling lights with Table, Desk or Floor  lamps. This way you will add character to your space and make it functional.

All the designs in our Ash Wooden Ceiling Lights collection are our own, made with respect to nature and the environment. Each fixture is unique as is the case with people.