Floor Wooden Lights

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A handmade Wooden floor lamp is the detail that will alter your homes mood. If you feel the urge to change your homes decoration, because something isn’t right, but can’t quite put your finger on it, you could take some time paying attention to the details of every interior space. Maybe what’s wrong is the lighting. It’s a common mistake underestimating the importance of lighting. It’s a very important aspect of interior design. To achieve a complete and balanced lighting we need more than one Light sources in the rooms of our home, such as table lamps or a Wooden floor lamp.

Wood has made a comeback as a material used for making lamps and no wrongfully at all. Its a material we all adore, because it fills the room with warmth and a sense of comfort, without overwhelming it and at the same time it fits all decorative styles. A light colored wooden lamp combined with small metallic details(ex. A metallic Stand) gives a Modern and industrial look, while a dark colored one is a Traditional and more Vintage seigniorial choice in an elegant home.

Our Wooden floor lamp collection contains lamps made out of different kinds of wood to satisfy all your needs and many decorative styles. Our floor lamps are made out of bamboo, olive, maple, Oak, walnut, as well as other woods with wonderful grain that will enhance the the decoration of your space. They will add a natural warmth to your room and make look more hospitable and pleasant. Depending on their placement they can even make the room look bigger, deeper or even taller than it really is.

We make our own Natural wood floor lamp designs, which can be adapted to the needs of your space, whether its a larger or a smaller one. Floor lamps are considered to be the most essential in a home from a decorative aspect. Though ceiling and table lamps are the ones that light up a room and are useful for more detailed lighting, the ones that make the difference are floor lamps.

Many of our Natural wood floor lamp designs are ideal for you bedroom, your Living room, or the reception rooms of your home and are essential for rooms with less natural lighting. Decorating a space is a very private procedure, so all suggestions and ideas are on a advisory basis.