We can always add small touches of wood in our home, thus highlighting the spots we want and giving them more character. Wood gives a modern look to your environment, while making it more natural at the same time.

If you do a research on the market, or Online, you will notice in various Eshops, in magazines or in Shops, that decorative trends tend to be more earthly and simple. Colors are lighter, design lines are more minimal and most decorative objects are made out of natural materials and we find more and more designs of Lights made from Wood. This is because man feels the urge to come closer to his natural environment more now then ever.

This need of getting closer to nature again, sensitized us and so we decided to contribute to making our homes more hospitable, our rooms warmer and our working environments more calmed and relaxed under the light of our wooden lights.

In our collection of Lights made from Wood you will find a great variety of designs, all made with taste and attention to detail. You can browse online our light categories and discover our Ceiling Lights, Table Lights and Floor Lights Lights, all made from Wood. Each category includes many choices of woods and designs, so you can choose the one that fits best to your style and character, thus giving a natural look to your space.

How our home or workplace is lighted will always be the most important element of functionality and decoration. Lamps made from Wood are sure to warm up your environment creating a more natural surrounding, making your everyday life more pleasant.

In our website you can wonder in a new world, the one of wood and warm lighting that comes through it. What we hope to achieve is to transfer to you this warm and natural feeling that comes from Lamps made from Wood.