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Maple grows in the U.S. and Europe. It’s used in furniture manufacturing, homebuilding and architectural applications and also in the making of musical instruments. Maple wood has tight texture and great strength. It’s a hard and yellowish wood, characterized by it uniform sized pores which help producing a great finish.

Handmade Maple Wooden Lights will give your space a natural feel and make it more hospitable and warm. Its wonderful grain will add texture to your space and its light color will make integration easy, no matter the decorative style of your space. It’s a wood that can easily be matched with a traditional and classic style, as well as a modern or minimal one. It loves white and also natural color tones, but it will not in any way constrain you from creating the style you desire.

Maple Wooden Lights allow the light to pass through their grain making them look even more impressive, creating a yellow-orange color shade resembles that of a sunset. Pendant  Maple lamps ideal for general lighting, and, along with our Bamboo and Ash, they are our most bright shades. They will shed light to every corner of your room, lifting up your rooms atmosphere, when combined with a Table  or Floor   lamp.

In our collection we have Maple Wooden Lights, designed with simple outlines, that will add a natural feeling to your home or workplace, infusing a peaceful and calm feeling. Our home is where we relax, rest or entertain ourselves and our workplace is where we are creative and inspired. The presence of wood in these surroundings will make us feel more calm and productive.

In our workshop we make floor, ceiling and table Maple Wooden Lamps. Including all these three types of lamps in your space, will allow you to achieve a balanced lighting, that will be both atmospheric and functional. This way you can make your home look brighter and more open. Each one of our Maple Wooden Lamps is unique and ready to warm up your home and your life as well.