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Bamboo is a unique plant with with many qualities that can be easily adjusted to different scenarios. It’s a fast growing plant, that grows in poor grounds and has the ability to revive them. Its color varies from light yellow to almost white and it’s mostly used in indoor furniture manufacturing, floors as well as making veneer or objects with peculiar shapes and small decorative objects. It’s the wood that represents longevity in the best manner, as its life span is more than 200 years. Bamboo has taken the place of many previously used materials, mostly non recyclable ones. It’s undoubtedly an alternative material for countless products and derivatives of petroleum.

Handmade Bamboo Lights are characterized by a soft yellow color and their overall brightness. Wooden shades allow the light to pass through the grain, creating a warm atmosphere in your environment. This is the feature that puts them in the bright wood category, along with olive, maple and white ash. Ceiling Bamboo Lights are ideal for general lighting, while when combined with Floor  or Table  lamps can create a full and balanced lighting in your home or workplace.

In our collection we have Pendant  and table Bamboo wooden lights that will cover all the lighting needs of a space. Our designs, being simple and straightforward, are easily adjusted to modern and minimal decorative styles, as well as classic ones.

Wood is a material that shouldn’t be absent from your space, if you are a fan of natural decoration and earthly tones. Bamboo loves lighter shades, like white beige and grey. It easily adds a natural touch to your home.
How a room is lighted can alter every rooms style and out mood when we’re in it. The placing and type of light fixtures are important aspects of interior design and are always dependent on color choices, the size of a space as well as the availability of natural light. Bamboo Floor Lights combined with ceiling lights will create a calm atmosphere, making the room look brighter at the same time.