Wood, a material which is alive!

If there is a material that should be used in home decoration, this is no other than natural wood. Wood is not only a structural material, but also a solution that will make your house more elegant and warm. Its lighter hues produce more light and its darker ones more warmth. It’s a material that is suitable for almost any interior aesthetics, design and style, traditional, modern, minimal, industrial and rustic. 

Handmade wooden lights

Natural wooden decorative, smaller or bigger can make your space more lively. Handmade wooden lights, wooden table or wall decoratives, stools or tables. If you want to try Wooden home decor, but you’re not sure it will be suitable for you, you can certainly get started by trying wooden decoratives (Wooden candles for example). This will be your first test.

Biophilic Decoration

It’s important that we decorate our home with materials and textures that make us feel comfortable, in a peaceful and serene environment. Wood, being a natural organic material has that capacity, as it brings us closer to nature.

In the context of a biophilic decoration, our modern Handmade wooden lights, made out of natural wood, add texture and pattern in your space, thanks to their wonderful grain, which becomes even more intense by the warm light that passes through. 

Using the “mix and match” technique, you can combine different color shades of wood, with some limitations of course. Since wood color shades fall into a neutral category, they’re easy to combine. Combination of a dark wood with a light colored one, always looks elegant and intended as a decorative move. The only decorative restriction is that you can’t have more than 3 different color shades of wood in a small space, as this would lead to a visual mismatch. You must keep in mind that combining different colors of wood is being done for centuries, as long as the wood grain is visible and not masked by heavy finishing.

Handmade wooden lights that are made of light colored wood, such as olive and bamboo, ash or maple,(ex Oak lights) allow light to pass through their veneer grain and makes the lampshade look even more impressive. That is why light colored woods make your space brighter and are the best choice if you want to use them as your main light source. On the other hand, wooden lights that are made out of darker and more dense woods, like walnut, darker ash, elm or oak,(ex a Walnut lamp) allow the light to pass only from the top and the bottom and not through their grain. This makes them ideal if you want to focus the light to more specific areas in your space. 

However your choice doesn’t have to be restricted to Ceiling lights, on the contrary its usually the less intended. Floor lamps well as a Table lamp can contribute greatly to the lighting of your space and give a whole new feel that will make your space look bigger and more open. 

We love making unique Handmade wooden lights, because we believe that wood is a material that brings us and our space closer to nature. We also believe that how a room is lighted changes every room’s style and our mood when we are in it.