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Oak grows in middle and western Europe, but also in the U.S. It’s a beautiful wood, that’s why it’s very popular for making furniture, floors and also barrels, used for whiskey or wine. Because of the extensive and unaccounted for usage, there is a shortage of Oak in Greece. Oak doesn’t dry easily and can retain humidity in its inner and bigger parts for many years. Artificial drying must be slow and done with caution. Oak is known for its stamina, stability and strength. It’s an easy to work with wood and one can accomplish a very nice finish.

Handmade Oak Wooden Lights have the wonderful warm golden color of wood that makes them very easy to fit into various decorative styles. If we were to search for a synonym for the word warmth in the world of wood, that would be Oak. Its wonderful grain would definitely draw attention.

Oak is an all-around wood, since it matches all colors, from lighter to darker. It can be combined with darker colors for a more industrial decoration, or with shades of white and beige and grey for a more early and minimal result.

Oak Wooden Lamps allow only a small amount of light to pass through their grain, so most of the lighting comes out of the top and the bottom of the shade. This is why Pendant Oak shades are ideal for highlighting specific spots of your space, for example the dining table, the kitchen bench or over your living room. In order to create a more complete and uniform lighting in your home using Oak Wooden Lamps, it’s best to combine Ceiling  lights with Table, Desk and Floor  lights.

Wood is a natural material who’s presence always impresses us and creates a hospitable feel. Oak Wooden Lights will add character and texture to your space, while at the same time bring you closer to nature, making you feel more calm and relaxed. We have many Oak Wooden Lights in our collection. We design and make shades for ceiling, floor and table lamps, in various sizes, so you can integrate them in your space the way you desire.