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The olive tree is tied to the history and mythology of Greece, but also the wider area of the Mediterranean, as a holy tree and a symbol of the highest virtues and goods. It is a symbol of longevity, persistence, health and peace, inner and global. The olive tree appears in the Mediterranean countries and originates from Italy, for some 20 to 40 million years.
Olive stands out for its unique grain, combining lighter and darker colors.

Handmade Olive Wooden Lamps fit all styles, without trying very hard. The combination of light and dark colors of its grain, give you the ability to combine it with most colors in the interior decoration of your space. It matches great with white and earthly tones, but not in a way that is restrictive.

Our handmade lights always make it easy to achieve a constantly modern look. Olive Wooden Lamps match almost any interior aesthetics, design and style. They’re easily combined with traditional, modern or contemporary decoration style. Wood is a material that matches great with metal, brick and even with woods of different styles. Lighting changes every rooms look and feel and also our mood and at the same time makes the size of the room more easily perceived. Light passing through olive highlights its grain, making them look more lively and impressive.

Olive Wooden Lights, letting light pass through them, but also from the top and the bottom, fall into the category of bright lights, making them ideal as ceiling lights for general lighting. Olive wood creates a warm and pleasant atmosphere, ideal for relaxing and feeling closer to nature again.

You can see all of our Olive Wooden Lights in the Ceiling, Table, Desk and Floor  lamps categories. You don’t have to be restrained to conventional ceiling lighting. Floor and table lamps can contribute greatly to the total lighting of your space and give it a whole new feel, making your space look bigger and
more open.

Every Olive Wooden Lamp is unique because it is handmade, made for each one individually, ready to warm up your home and your workplace.