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Ash olive grows in the US and in Europe. Its color is light brown with shades from yellow-brown to dark brown as we get closer to the heart of the wood. In general, its grain is straight with intense but uniform texture. It resembles Oak, with straight and even grain. The criteria for choosing wood is their technical characteristics and the color of its grain.

In our workshop we make handmade Ash-Olive wooden lights, an impressive light colored wood who’s grain is darker and more intense brown colored towards its center. Ash-olive wood allows light to pass slightly through its wonderful grain and most of the light comes out of the top and the bottom of the shade.

Light colored woods with darker grain easily match all styles, with no effort. They give an earthly texture and feel making your space look more bright and impressive. The simple design of Ash-Olive wooden lights allows you to place them without much effort in your space. We make floor, pendant and table lamps, so you can create a whole and balanced lighting, shade serves your needs and at the same time creates the warm atmosphere you wanted.

Our Ash-Olive wooden lamps are made to match almost every interior aesthetics, design and style, from traditional to modern and from coastal to contemporary. Wood is a classic element of every space in a home, both interior and exterior. It gives beauty, elegance and style in every decorative style.

The completed and uniform lighting of a space is not only based on ceiling  lights. Table  and floor  lamps play an important role, giving a new fell to your home, making the room look bigger and more open. Lamps made of ash-olive are surely able to cover even the most demanding lighting needs of a space. Using Ash-Olive wooden lights, you can achieve a minimal design in your home. The light color of the wood creates a bright and pleasant atmosphere. Use up to 2 or 3 colors while decorating your living room and the result will reward you.