Table Wooden Lights

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Table lamps are one of interior décor favorites, as they add to the main lighting and add style to interior decoration. Style, texture and design choices are many and can completely change your space highlighting the spots you choose.

Table lamps can contribute a great deal in the complete and balanced lighting of an indoor space and make look bigger and more open.

In our collection you will find a great variety of Handmade wooden table lamps, designed in great detail and made with taste and love for the environment. Our lamp shades are made out of bamboo, olive, maple, Oak or walnut and many other Natural wood veneers, with wonderful grain. Light colored woods let light pass through their grain, making them even more impressive. Dark woods allow light to escape only through their top and bottom sides, which makes their presence in your space more dominant.

Table lights made from wood will always be a significant element of your homes decoration. They will, for sure, create a calm and peaceful atmosphere, making your surrounding more warm and hospitable. They fit great in the bedroom right by your Bedside, in the Living room or your homes reception spaces, giving a lively and Unique feel to your whole interior decoration.
Direct and indirect lighting of a space makes the room look more interesting. Targeted lighting from Table lights made from wood is a show stopper and highlights the important elements of a room. Wood offers the room personality and texture, contributing aesthetically at the same time.
The living room along with the the dining room (with a Handmade wooden table lamp on the Dining table) are the rooms that have many “roles” in a home. They are the rooms in which you can relax, entertain your self and accommodate the people you feel close to. A Table light made from wood is a great complement to the main lighting source in the living rooms ceiling and is ideal for times of relaxation.