Oak Rustic

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Oak grows in Europe and the U.S. as well. European oak has yellow-brown to yellow-grey shades, while U.S. oak is more reddish. Oak is a big category of woods, that includes many types of wood, which are differentiated according to their characteristics. One of these woods is Oak Rustic. Its name derives from the buttons that appear in the grain, giving it a rustic look.

You will find all of the Oak Rustic Wooden Lights we make, in our collection. We make shades for Ceiling, Floor  and Table  lamps. Our wooden lamps will give your space a new feel and refresh it in a most natural way. Wood is a material we all love and is always present in our spaces, in a smaller or bigger amount and matches all color shades. The darker shades create an industrial look, while the lighter ones give a modern and simple look to your home.

If you are a fan of rustic decoration, Oak Rustic Wooden Lights is what you need to give it more lift. The term Rustic is quite broad and many decorative styles fall into it. Essentially the term rustic describes a decorative style shade is rough, aged and simple.

Oak Rustic Wooden Lamps are characterized by the intense grain of the wood and their wonderful color. Light pass slightly through the grain, while most of it comes out of the top and the bottom of the shade.
They’re ideal for creating an atmospheric lighting in the room and give it character in a natural and calm manner. For an even better result you can combine Pendant Oak Rustic Wooden Lamps with a floor, Desk or table lamp.

Oak Rustic Wooden Lamps are handmade with taste and with respect for nature and the environment.