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Spruce belongs to the family of needle-leaves, and together with pine it forms the basis of structural timber. There are many varieties of spruce, but the most important are the ctenoid spruce and the bitter fir or spruce, which gives the best quality wood between the two categories. Its color is pale and has fair white and often lovely pink grain. The handmade Spruce Wooden Lights are characterized by their light yellow-white color with wonderful grain.

Spruce wood is easy to combine with other woods and materials. Regardless of your decorating style, this wood will add character and accentuate the room you place it in. We manufacture Spruce Wooden Lights because it is an easily workable and durable wood. We use it in details in our ceiling lights, or in the bases for our floor and table lamps. It matches all shades, regardless of the color of the wood they are made from. With dark colored shades it contrasts creating an imposing luminarity that will catch the eye, while with light colored ones it gives a more uniform effect ideal for natural interior decoration.

Spruce Wooden Lights will give your space a natural tone and if you combine them with other natural materials such as stone, you will achieve a minimal and modern décor. The choice of materials we use to decorate our space plays an important role in the feeling we want to create. If we want a warm and inviting environment, it is certain that wood will play an important if not decisive role in our interior design.

In order to create a balanced, yet functional lighting in your home with Spruce Wooden Lamps, you should use some Table, Desk or Floor  lamps in addition to your Pendant  lights. This way, if the room does not receive much natural light, you are sure to not have a problem with functionality, while at the same time you will have created a warm and intimate atmosphere.

Spruce Wooden Lamps are all Handmade and unique, ready to bring nature into your home and your life.