Handmade Wooden Floor Lamp ‘Tripod II Olive Paint Base’


Handmade Wooden Floor Lamp ‘Tripod II Olive’ Paint Base, is a contemporary unique Tripod lamp, made of natural olive veneer and pinewood.
The lampshade is made of olive veneer, and the tripod base from pinewood, painted with colored wax finish varnish.

A minimal standing lamp which highlights the natural beauty of each individual unique wood.

Minimal Lamp ‘Tripod II Olive’ Paint Base is comfortable in the home as it is in the commercial space.
Warm natural light through olive veneer, creates an incredible ambiance in the room.

This floor light is suitable for warm ancillary lighting.
Olive veneer wood will provide relaxing ambiance around your space.

Tripod Lamp design will fit both classic and modern styles and is perfect for your living-room, bedroom, or office space.
Bring nature into your space!

Comes with plastic power cable, on/off switch, and one black lamp holder.

Cord length: 300 cm (118.11″) / another – please let me know what length you prefer.

Finish: wax finish varnish dead flat and satin.

Shade Diameter: 60 / 52 cm (23.6″, 20.5″)
Shade Height: 30 cm (11.8″)
Tripod Height: 130 cm (51.18″)
Total Height: 165 cm (64.96″)

(The olive shade at the photo is 60cm/23.6″ diameter)


  • Lamp-holder:
    USA/Canada 110V , E26 Max 120W (For incandescent bulb) – Max 64W (For CFL bulb) or LED bulb with no wattage limit.
    UK/Europe/Australia 220V-240V, E27 Max 120W(For incandescent bulb) or Max 64W (For CFL bulb) or LED bulb with no wattage limit.
  • Bulb not included
  • Indoor use only
  • The color and grain of the wood may differ. Isn’t that the beauty of wood?

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.